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10 Things Shakespeare Can Teach You About Marketing

Friends, Romans, marketers… Lend me your ears.

We could go on forever about how William Shakespeare is the face of English literature. It’d be easy to use a cliché statement, such as “his work transcends time.” Although, it is the truth. His words have survived over 400 years and will continue to be relevant until the end of time. His plays still sell in theaters. And he coined so many quippy one-liners that are common today (where did you think the phrase “star-crossed lovers” or “own flesh and blood” came from?). At the very least, we will say that Shakespeare was a literary wizard. Read More

10 Jewelry Blog Ideas to Dazzle Potential Customers

A diamond is forever. It’s also a girl’s best friend. Women love pretty pearls and beautiful baubles. Gemstones glisten. If you like it, then you better put a ring on it. Every kiss begins with wherever he went to buy it.

We’ve all heard these clichés in the jewelry business for decades, but who can blame stores and manufacturers for leaning on them for so long? The business is all about glamorous products aimed at women. For chains with big TV ad budgets, it’s easy to sell beauty, especially when it comes wrapped up in emotion or romance. But for jewelry makers and retailers in a market more crowded than the setting in Kim Kardashian West’s wedding ring, the story is the most important part. It’s one of your few opportunities to separate yourself from the pack.

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