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10 Things Shakespeare Can Teach You About Marketing

Friends, Romans, marketers… Lend me your ears.

We could go on forever about how William Shakespeare is the face of English literature. It’d be easy to use a cliché statement, such as “his work transcends time.” Although, it is the truth. His words have survived over 400 years and will continue to be relevant until the end of time. His plays still sell in theaters. And he coined so many quippy one-liners that are common today (where did you think the phrase “star-crossed lovers” or “own flesh and blood” came from?). At the very least, we will say that Shakespeare was a literary wizard. Read More

9 Famous Left-Handed Writers That Changed The World

Get to know nine famous left-handed writers in honor of International Left-Hander’s Day!

The 24th Annual International Left-Hander’s Day has finally arrived! The MagnetPost team couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than by recognizing nine famous left-handed writers that inspire us. Each individual on our list has a unique writing style. Some are funny, some are poetic, some are factual–all have a powerful voice.

In the literary world, you’ll come across an endless number of writers that are inspiring. However, few writers have made an impressionable mark outside of the literary realm quite like our top nine famous left-handed writers. One can only assume: is there a correlation between being a lefty and having fierce writing skills?

Read on to learn some fun facts about lefties, and get to know our favorite (and famous) left-handed writers! Read More