A diamond is forever. It’s also a girl’s best friend. Women love pretty pearls and beautiful baubles. Gemstones glisten. If you like it, then you better put a ring on it. Every kiss begins with wherever he went to buy it.

We’ve all heard these clichés in the jewelry business for decades, but who can blame stores and manufacturers for leaning on them for so long? The business is all about glamorous products aimed at women. For chains with big TV ad budgets, it’s easy to sell beauty, especially when it comes wrapped up in emotion or romance. But for jewelry makers and retailers in a market more crowded than the setting in Kim Kardashian West’s wedding ring, the story is the most important part. It’s one of your few opportunities to separate yourself from the pack.

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10 Jewelry Blog Ideas

Creating relevant and goal-driven blog posts can help grow your business by engaging your customers and attracting new ones. You need to make your blog sparkle just as brightly as your biggest, most multifaceted gemstone to draw attention and intrigue potential customers. Below, we’ve listed 10 ways to get started, and have highlighted the crucial search terms in red. Remember: People are online looking for these as you’re reading. Posts like the following – and there are many more where they came from – will steer them your way.

1. Honor Emotional Ties

Title: There’s No Place Like Home: State Jewelry to Remember Your Roots

Suggested Call to Action: “If you want to honor a special place in your heart by showcasing it on your person, we have the one-of-a-kind, handmade piece for you!”

The Vintage Pearl creates a line of handmade necklaces in the shape of each state. These necklaces would be perfect for a high school graduate going away to college or a wife moving cross-country with her military husband. While The Vintage Pearl is on the right track to promote this line of jewelry, they would likely see higher traffic and sales by writing a blog post about each state. There are currently 260 people each month searching for “state jewelry,” while 320 internet users are looking for “Ohio necklace” and 1,600 searching for “Texas necklace.” Writing about each state would yield 50 blog posts – 49 more chances that people will find the site – drastically improving the amount of probable new customers.

If company blogging resources are limited, a more detailed, Google-friendly, 800-word post about the necklaces – the story behind their inception, the process of making the necklaces (with photos), ideas for who and how to give the necklaces – would attract new customers searching for a reminder of home.

state jewelry

 2. Spotlight Your Company’s Specialties

Title: The Fingerprint Ring: Showcase Your One-of-a-Kind Love With This Unique Ring.

Suggested Call to Action: “If you want something you can be sure no one else has, we can design a ring to match your personalized style.”

What makes your store stand out from the crowd? Brent & Jess focus on creating personal, unique, handmade jewelry, though their real specialty is their fingerprinting technique. In the example provided below, Brent & Jess attract new customers who are searching the web for fingerprint rings by writing in-depth content about their product. What does your jewelry store do best? Highlight your own specialty in occasional blog posts, in addition to broader content. This way, interested consumers will be able to find you, even if they aren’t familiar with your brand.

FingerPrint Ring

3. Make Gifting Memorable

Title: June Birthstone Jewelry for Those Late-Spring and Early-Summer Ladies

Suggested Call to Action: “Looking to highlight a special month in your life? Let us wow you with our extensive pearl collection.”

Satya capitalizes on sales by posting about each month’s gemstone and showcasing their products, while at the same time generating new leads to their website. With 12 months in the year, your company has the opportunity to post 12 different evergreen blog posts. These 12 posts can be reposted every year, because they’re timeless. The added benefit to posts like these – people search for gifts year round.

June Birthstone Jewelry

4. Take a Stand

Title: Show Your Support With Bracelets for a Cause

Suggested Call to Action: “Change the world! Support your favorite cause by purchasing a bracelet today, and reap the fashion benefits immediately.”

Cause jewelry is a recent, but lasting trend. People like supporting companies providing to support for others. Pura Vida’s collection of cause bracelets is extensive. Wear one or wear many, and support whatever cause is important to you. There are many ways to show that your business is about more than the bottom line. Pura Vida is doing a great job by highlighting the charities they spotlight each month. Our recommendation would be to write a post for each charity or cause they sell a bracelet for. While “bracelets for a cause” does have a high search volume at 1,000 people searching monthly, the term “breast cancer bracelet” is searched 360% more often at the rate of 3,600 monthly searches. Plus, this would be a great way to educate consumers about the causes each bracelet represents.

charity bracelet

5. Engage All Ages of Your Audience

Title: Silver Prom Jewelry to Accentuate Your Dress

Suggested Call to Action: “If you like these prom-ready looks, share the page with your parents!”

It isn’t only the working adults who will find your blog. While many high school students may not be able to afford expensive jewelry, you can believe that they will research their gear, bling, and accessories via the web. Ice understands that some customers may be young, but still comprise an important demographic. The Ice blog is doing a great job by providing pictures, descriptions, and links back to their products. A call to action like we mentioned above would seal the deal, as the teenager looking for jewelry could email her parents her top choices.

Silver Prom Jewelry

6. Show Them How to be Stylish

Title: Layering Necklaces – 5 Easy Tips to Follow

Suggested Call to Action: “Layer-shy? If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out a few of our layered looks. And don’t forget to share this infographic with your friends!”

InPink’s blog showcases practical and fashionable style guides on how to wear the jewelry they sell on their website.  This is a great way to creatively show off your product while engaging and educating your consumers. In order to reap the benefits of SEO, we’d highly recommend adding copy to this awesome infographic so that Google can read and index their blog post. This would also allow InPink a chance to link back to their product, making it easier for consumers to purchase a necklace they liked from the picture.

layering necklaces

7.  Capture Relationships

Title: Best Friend Jewelry for Adults Who Love Their Pals

Suggested Call to Action: “Surprise your closest girl friend by buying her friendship jewelry which will stand the test of time – just like your relationship always has.”

Chamilia noticed that most friendship jewelry is created with children in mind, and did something to change that. Their friendship jewelry is a gift any friend would love to receive.  When writing for your company’s jewelry blog, emphasize relationships. While very well-written, our only suggestion would be to optimize this post specifically for customers searching for jewelry or gifts to honor their friend. While many people might be Googling “best friends,” they aren’t necessarily looking for jewelry. Optimize the post with keywords such as “best friend jewelry” to get the most impact.

best friends

8. Educate Your Customers

Title: How to Remove Tarnish From Jewelry Without Paying a Pro

Suggested Call to Action: “We love the jewelry we sell you, and we want it to look beautiful forever. Use these tarnish-removal tips to keep your jewelry looking like you just bought it!”

Make your website the one they find when searching Google for the best methods to clean their jewelry. Otis B Jewelry understands that all sold jewelry represents their business. They want it to look its best to keep customers happy and bring in potential sales. Plus, tips, lists, and how-to’s are big draws.


9. Meet Your Customers Where They’re At

Title: How Will I Know When to Give a Promise Ring?

Suggested Call to Action: “You find the person. We’ll help you find the promise ring.”

Not everyone is ready to take the plunge into marriage, but that doesn’t mean they should hold back from purchasing a promise ring for their loved one. Lab Diamonds Direct understands their clients have varying levels of readiness – and are at different stations in life. Often internet users are looking for advice. You’ll find high search terms for “when to give a promise ring,” “how to propose,” or “what is my ring size.” Answering these questions is a great way to draw in new customers.

when to give a promis ring

10. Invite Outside Interests Into the Jewelry World

Title: Feminine Football Jewelry for the Fanatic

Suggested Call to Action: “Touchdown! Your game day outfit is now complete with one of our football bracelets.”

It isn’t often you can find feminine sports jewelry to match your Sunday football outfits. Inspired Silver’s football collection gives you the color options to support your home team. More importantly, it uncovers a niche opportunity. Inspired Silver is off to a great start with this blog post; we’d recommend highlighting all lines of jewelry your customers are searching for. Remember to optimize each post so that your blog gets the best traffic possible.

football bracelets

Like some of the best and most treasured pieces, these jewelry blog ideas are simple, striking, and personal.

Find what works best for your blog, and start testing to see what kind of visitors you attract.

Or, hire us to write your fabulous jewelry blog posts!